I Love the Nightlife

As I walked home tonight at 2 a.m., I thought about all the things I love about this city, and supposed that the late-night schedule is something perhaps only a true night owl can love. Walking past middle-aged men walking dogs, police on watch, teenagers huddled around a kiosco buying snacks, beer, who knows what, guys flagging down taxis for a night on the town, mothers with children, stray cats, etc., I felt like one of the few people on my way home – for those headed out to the nightclubs, things were just getting started.

Today was pretty mellow for me, but still exemplifies the kind of schedule that I’ve gotten accustomed to here – and I like it just fine, luckily. I got up around 9:45 (not bad considering I went to bed around 2:45, after a mellowish, earlyish belated birthday for me at a friend’s house, and after texting several other friends who decided to go home after dinner out instead of heading out to a bar). I did some cleaning and organizing, ate, and finally started working around 2 p.m. Finished work around 8, went to the gym, then got cleaned up and arrived at a friend’s house for dinner around 10:45. While we watched the olympics after dinner we debated whether we should go out to meet some other friends at a bar, and in the end I opted to go home, another earlyish night so I will be ready for tomorrow night, when I head off to a going-away party that starts at midnight. I’m not exactly bred for this like the Argentines, who take their kids out to dinner at midnight, but my parents’ more-nocturnal-than-most habits surely helped!


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