An Undertaking

A couple months ago, when the temperature started to drop in the Southern Hemisphere, and I focused on getting cozy in my newest dwelling, I turned my thoughts back to knitting again. I knitted a scarf and fingerless gloves when I arrived in BA last year, but dropped the hobby completely as the weather got warm, which I imagine happens to a lot of people. This season I got the crazy idea that I wanted to take on a big project – something that would take a while to finish, something that would be memorable, that I would be proud to have completed, and happy to keep for many years. The first, and possibly only, item that came to mind that fit the bill was an afghan (a blanket, not a person, as I had to clarify for someone already!).

So began the process of finding a pattern I liked, yarn I liked, colors I liked, needles that would work, etc. etc. Long story short, the undertaking has begun! I’ve finished one “rotation” of all the colors and thankfully I like the way it looks so far. It takes about 75 minutes to knit one band of color, and I’ve estimated I’ll need about 150 bands of color for a queen-sized afghan, so at this rate, I’ll be finished in… well, hopefully in time for next winter! Here’s a sneak peek:


2 Responses to “An Undertaking”

  1. rebecca Says:

    wow! it looks great. i’m glad you started your big project, finally!

  2. missmobtown Says:

    Nice work. Those are definitely your colors.

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