Zero to Sixty – Or, Still Not Blogging

I’ve been on vacation for a month, which has meant much less computer time for me, and lots of time for hanging out with family and friends both in the States and Argentina – since I last wrote this has included highlights such as a wonderful extended birthday celebration, a road trip to see friends in Maine and Massachusetts with a stop in Westchester County NY on the return, a brief jaunt into NYC, a great time with a friend from Chicago who came to visit me in Buenos Aires, and a trip with her to the northwest of this amazing country.

My guest left yesterday, and though it was sad to say goodbye I’m eager to get back to “real” life – join the gym again, finally finish unpacking, restart my Spanish studies, and get back to work! And back to work with a vengeance, it seems. I’m suddenly super-booked for the month of August, and happy to get back into the swing of things (hopefully the transition won’t be too hard!). Lots of work is also the perfect excuse to be antisocial for a while – all the visiting has been wonderful but I’m very ready for a little downtime, a little “me” time.


2 Responses to “Zero to Sixty – Or, Still Not Blogging”

  1. rebecca Says:

    so glad you have lots of work awaiting your attention. do enjoy.

  2. missmobtown Says:

    Glad you’re busy with work! It’s a good feeling to feel secure and busy.

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