It’s Day 6 of the 13-day summer cleanse I’m doing, and things have ramped up quickly. The last two days I could eat only raw fruit and vegetables and seeds and nuts. Today the seeds and nuts have to go, and all the fruit and veg has to be pureed. To make it easier to digest, maybe? Who knows. I also have to drink warm water with lemon every two hours. I’m currently on my third cup of lemon tea, and am starting to think about my third smoothie of the day. I know why they say Days 6 and 7 should be on the weekend (and luckily for once I’m not working on the weekend!): I definitely feel lower energy today. But on the upside, my fridge has never looked healthier, which presumably means good things for me, too:


Here’s some before and afters of the Powerful Woman Smoothie I made for lunch:


A close-up of the lettuce, spirulina, and ground flaxseed:


And the pretty tasty end result:


Time to go chop some veggies for a raw-veggie “soup”!


One Response to “Cleanse”

  1. missmobtown Says:

    I’m going to feel extra guilty as I hunch over my manhattan tonight.

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