Feelin’ Groovy

Day 12 is coming to a close, and except for going a little overboard on the herbed goat cheese today, I’m feeling great. Have jumpstarted the needed weight loss (apparently eating whatever you want for eight months will catch up with you eventually, but eating only raw foods is a pretty easy way to get back on track) and am confident I can continue eating more veggies and taking better care of myself (I’ve also been exercising pretty much every day since the beginning of January).

It’s been a good week in other ways, too, most obviously noted by the several more things I’ve crossed off The List! Last week during dinner with some Couchsurfers and other travelers there was talk of weekend outings, and I was definitely interested since work was petering off late in the week. Next thing you know, five of us—from Australia, the States, and England—were loading up a rental car and heading into the Andes for two days! #2 on the list, spontaneous road trip? Check! It was a great couple days, with stunning vistas around every turn, driving to the tippy-top of the mountains between Chile and Argentina (where we even saw some snow flurries!), and taking a short hike/walk to an overlook for Aconcagua, the tallest mountain outside the Himalayas (check out the pictures). The second day found several of us horseback riding (#19) in a beautiful valley surrounded by red hills and snow-capped mountains.

I returned to the city feeling like I’d been gone much longer than two days, exhilarated from the adventure and mildly wary of the coming weekend of liquefied fruits and vegetables. By Sunday I was pretty low on energy and found it the perfect day to finally tackle #64, spending a whole day reading. It was amazing how indulgent it felt to do nothing but read (and make smoothies, of course). I should really schedule those days more often. I also decided it was a good time for #49, not buying anything for a week (except food). I aimed pretty low on this one—it was really easy.

And finally, last night I filled the last page in the journal I’ve had for (I’m embarrassed to say) over two years, completing #76 (try a more visual, artistic way of journaling), through which I determined that there is no point in drawing pictures if you can’t draw. But pasting in mementoes of concerts, etc., works just fine for me as a more “visual” way of journaling. I do wonder, though, if with a little more inspiration and the right materials, I could come up with a journal more like this.


2 Responses to “Feelin’ Groovy”

  1. Dad Says:

    # 39 this summer in June?

  2. Amy Says:

    Yes, definitely! I was thinking the same thing. :)

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