Another Big “To Do” Crossed Off…

Phew! This Spanish thing sure is hard work. I’ve written and received a few emails in Spanish recently—several paragraphs long, even—and between making sure I’ve got all the accents right and looking things up in the dictionary to make sure I understand or that my memory serves, it’s awful time-consuming! But I’m learning a lot and improving with every correspondence. And the best part is, my efforts have led to securing a place to stay when I first arrive! I did the whole thing in Spanish, from signing up on a website to reading the ads to responding to messages. I’ll be staying with a woman in her fifties who rents out a room in her house, with a twin bed, desk, and even wifi! She lives in the neighborhood I’d like to live in long-term, so it’ll be easy to get around to look at apartments. I’ve reserved a month with her; hopefully that will be plenty of time to find my own place. And, small world—her daughter’s boyfriend and his mother are both editors.


3 Responses to “Another Big “To Do” Crossed Off…”

  1. missmobtown Says:

    this is most auspicious! good work.

  2. rebecca Says:

    how cool! i admire your spanish learning. i mean, it’s something you’ve got to do anyway, right? and already found a place to live. you’re on the ball!

  3. Mariano Says:

    Hey, I am the manager of, part of Thanks a lot for talking about my site!!!.



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