Knitting Needles? Check!

I’m having a hell of a time deciding what to take with me to Argentina, but one thing is now on the “definitely taking” list: my knitting needles. Although I know there are many knitting traditions in South America, especially in Andean communities, I had been wondering whether there are yarn stores in Buenos Aires, whether it’s at all a “hip” thing like it is here. Now that I found this comment online by Kelly, I will head off confidently knitting and purling, and possibly bonding with the locals as a result:

The fact that knitting in Argentina is so intertwined into the mainstream culture (there were 3 places that sold yarn in the small town I lived in for 9 months!) made it all the easier for me to keep on knitting. Thankfully, my time in South America was a happy one and knitting was a very important part of that experience.

I also found this bilingual knitting blog, which means I can read about knitting and practice Spanish at the same time—que bueno! Now I just have to figure out how many sweaters to take… Or maybe I’ll just knit a new one when I need it!


3 Responses to “Knitting Needles? Check!”

  1. santoki Says:

    Good to know that you can knit a sweater when the occasion calls, because hey. You might go skiing.

  2. jigraknits Says:

    I have some contacts in Argentina who will know the best places to get yarn and have knit-ins. Let me know if you want some contact info.

  3. rebecca Says:

    that’s super! i’m so glad you’re taking knitting needles along. i take mine with me each time i leave town, so no doubt if i moved anywhere they’d come with too. and i’m pleased to hear that knitting is such a great part of their culture. just htink of all the wonderful yarn stores you’ll pass by each day!

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