Pumped for Winter?

After an extended fall of freakishly warm weather, winter has truly arrived (at least for the moment; it’s supposed to be 55 on Monday). And while I bundle into my warmest clothes, hoping they’re enough to protect against the 16-degree wind chill, I wonder if I’m truly ready for my first full winter in ten years. But then the other night, the forecasted snow flurries turned into a full-on blizzard for about 20 minutes, and I was enthralled, running outside to stare up into the swirling white magic. If I can see some snow, even a little bit, falling from the sky every week or so, that might be enough to keep me going.

In the meantime, I’ll try to stay pumped in other ways, like by lifting weights at the local gym (three blocks from my house) where I just started working—free membership is one of the perks of being on staff. It’s a whole new balance of freelance work and work at the gym, but I’m ready. Getting out of the house and meeting lots of people in the neighborhood is great. And a paycheck every two weeks can’t hurt either.


3 Responses to “Pumped for Winter?”

  1. santoki Says:

    Hey al,

    I just got back from Hawaii a week ago, and still can’t get used to the cold. You going back to Jersey for the holidays?


  2. bekka Says:

    wow, you’re a gymanista now? what’s wrong with freakishly warm weather? we’re having it here. but soon it will turn cold again. hope you’re enjoying your new city and apt!

  3. Amy Says:

    I’ll be back in Jersey for just a few days… have to work until the 22nd and be back for work on the 26th. It’s a whole new world…

    Nothing wrong with freakishly warm weather, in my mind, but it does suggest some serious things about that whole global warming idea—pretty disturbing. Still need to see An Inconvenient Truth.

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