The View from my Desk

As can happen all too easily in the work-at-home life, I didn’t leave the house today. But my work (currently editing a guidebook for Tucson and a book of unique Christmas traditions) allows me to make lots of interesting observations from my desk. Today found me checking out all kinds of random facts related to Leonardo DiCaprio, global warming, M&M’s, the State Department’s travel warning list, Choose Your Own Adventure books, Smokey the Bear, Corning, and the Escabrosa Grotto, among many others. I was just about to start the Restaurants chapter, but have to take a break for dinner first – I’ve learned it’s a special kind of torture to edit restaurant listings when I’m hungry!


2 Responses to “The View from my Desk”

  1. rebecca Says:

    sounds kind of random, but imagine putting all those elements together in a short story! hope you’re not neglecting your writing.

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