Which Are My Best Photos?

I just found out from a friend of mine about Conde Nast Traveler’s Dream Trip Travel Contest, which is really convenient since #85 on The List is “Enter a photo in a photography contest.” Of course, this is the busiest month I’ve had in a long time, and it might be more satisfying to enter a more local contest with fewer contestants, but I’d still like to do it. A few photos come to mind, but I don’t have a lot of time to spend looking through all the photos from my travels for the best ones to enter. Anyone have any suggestions?


3 Responses to “Which Are My Best Photos?”

  1. santoki Says:

    I looked at some of the “noteworthy photos” as a point of reference. Based on that selection, I am guessing that they are looking, specifically, for a B.S’ed story to go along with the picture. The following canard will serve you the win:

    Beyond the city lights, I looked to the azure mountains with my companion, a Sherpa whose forlorn laugh reminded me of traditions long past, and was filled with a bliss so magnificent that it could be matched only by a sighting of Mother Nature’s most noble creature, the penguin.

    Feel free to use it verbatim!

  2. rebecca Says:

    i think you have too many photos to choose from. just glaning through your albums here’s the quick list i made:

    Yosemite shots
    hoover dam
    bryce canyon: UT-CO0406 010.jpg
    sedona az2006 057.jpg & at Cedar Ridge
    any from Torres del Paine
    sea lions at Ushuaia, Argentina
    the cloud and glacier photos from El Calafate and Parque Nacional Los Glaciares, Argentina

    i love those shots you take of doorways and portals, esp. if there are people inside, i think that’s the first one, 6884 that i mentioned. and i love all the desert photos because the contrast between red/orange rocks and blue skies is awesome.

    how many can you enter?

  3. Amy Says:

    Thanks for your input! Unfortunately, I’d forgotten all about this and missed the deadline. But I’ll keep your ideas in mind when I have the chance to enter another one.

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