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Blog? What blog?

September 8, 2009

I kind of forgot for a while that I have a blog. And that maybe someone would like me to update it. Actually I have no proof of the latter – nobody seems to be clamoring for more blog posts – but I can pretend. I have all the usual excuses and nothing more.

The apartment is coming together, slowly but surely. But to bring it together I have to tear it apart first – I currently have the couch in the middle of the living room and the dining table piled with stuff I moved out of the kitchen, all in preparation for beginning to paint tomorrow! Yep, sure would have been a lot easier before I had all this stuff, but that’s how it goes. The only thing I painted before I moved in was the inside of the closets – at least I recognized how much of a pain that would be if I didn’t do it right away! But I have some time off this week, and in talking to some friends about not wanting to fritter it away without getting anything concrete accomplished, I mentioned painting, and someone offered to come help, and voila! Tomorrow is taping and primering and all that, and painting will commence on Wednesday. Plain ol’ white in the kitchen, and I’m testing out a lovely spring-ish green on two walls in the living room. I really want to paint the rest of the living room – probably in a barely off-white – but I’m having a humidity issue in one corner that I need to get fixed first. Thankfully the super thinks it’s a building issue, so hopefully I won’t have to pay for the repair – and hopefully they won’t tear up the wall too badly. And I have my eye on a lovely shade of light blue for the bedroom; just have to find the store that sells it (I found the color in an old fan deck a friend gave me).

Before and after pix soon…