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February 10, 2007

I took the opportunity last weekend to take a break from the computer—didn’t touch one for over 48 hours, per #78 on The List. But I kind of felt like I cheated, since I was at my parents’ house for most of that time and don’t typically use the computer much when I’m there. So I’m doing it again this weekend, starting at midnight tonight, since I’ll actually be home. I have the weekend off from both jobs, but I’m sure I can find plenty of other things to occupy my time. I plan to work on some knitting, get back into a book I neglected at least a month ago, and even go on a little “photo shoot” with some friends. After that, maybe I’ll actually get back into this thing called blogging.



September 29, 2006

I did a three-and-a-half-day fast last week, taking care of #45 on The List. My brother was home and interested in doing one, and I jumped on board immediately—I’ve been wanting to do one for years. We thought we might do a juice fast, but since we’re lazy and don’t have a juicer, we decided to do the Master Cleanse (aka lemonade) fast instead. Logistics prevented taking on the full 10 days, so we figured three or so was good enough. It was fascinating going through the process, and by the morning of Day 4 I was no longer hungry, and not interested in putting anything unhealthy or chemical-laden in my body, and it was a slow transition back to my normal eating habits. I may actually try the full 10 days sometime to get the full experience. But on Day 4 I was off to New York, where there were good things to eat and no time or privacy for salt-water flushes (which REALLY work!), so I eased myself back onto solid food. I decided to take care of #46 on The List, however, by not eating dairy for the next week. And that brings me to today, Day 7 of not eating dairy, and the title of this post. I’ve decided that quitting cheese is harder than quitting cigarettes. The problem really is that I don’t want to quit eating cheese. Perhaps I could moderate my intake a little bit, sure, but this is cruel and unusual punishment. It’s been an interesting experiment—I was curious whether dairy was having a negative impact on my digestive system—but I haven’t felt noticeably different this week. Not different enough to give up my beloved cheese (which, incidentally, is also packed with calcium and protein! It’s good for me!). So come tomorrow, I’m eating cheese on everything. Omelets, pizza, grilled cheese, straight out of the package… Bring it on.

Knit, Baby

July 19, 2006

Pictures of the cutest baby in Maine, and the sweater I knit for her (cross #87 off the list!), are here.