And… we’re back!

My apologies for the blog silence… there’s been a lot going on at Nomad headquarters! The last few months have seen two really big changes in my life, one that has had a significant impact in the short-term, and one that will have a major impact in the long-term: I took a full-time contract gig in an office in Buenos Aires until March or so, and Roberto and I got engaged!

It’s been crazy trying to balance my return to a regular work schedule, freelancing, and Roberto’s work and classes (he’s been in school three nights a week, studying graphic design). But he’s nearly done with school for the year (it’s nearly summer here, remember!), and my freelance work has gotten a little more tranquilo, so it’s the perfect time to bring this blog back to life and work on a bunch of other projects we have pending. Stay tuned for news, musings, and more!


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