Books Galore

I may or may not put effort into posting here more often… but maybe if I make the posts short and sweet it’ll stop seeming like such a chore! So I just updated my reading list… looks like I need to pick up the speed a bit if I want to read more than the 17 books I read last year (which seems like a more reasonable goal than the 52 in one year I’d put in the 101 list). Luckily, I currently have about 10 interesting books that I haven’t read yet (yet no bookshelf, nor comfortable place to read!). Some of them I brought back from the States last time, but it’s also been easier to acquire books here in Buenos Aires thanks to two book swaps I went to recently – hopefully just the beginning of what will become a regular occurrence! It’s a good way to get some new books (and not get too attached to the ones I have), meet people or see people I already know, and talk books with other readers. At the most recent swap we were talking about the feasibility of setting up a book club here, but it would be hard/expensive to get multiple copies of the same book, so we might try English-language discussion of Spanish books instead – would be good motivation to read more in Spanish.


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