Organic Bonanza

I ordered a box of organic fruits and veggies from El Rincón Orgánico, and just spent a few hours washing and prepping all the produce that’s overflowing my kitchen right now. It’s a LOT for one person, but my recent diet revamp means I’m also eating a lot more of this stuff than I used to (and not a lot of other things) so it should go okay. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to make it a weekly thing or not.

Meanwhile, I have stuff on hand I’ve never cooked with before, like dandelion greens (and other greens that are unidentifiable), beetroot, purple basil, leeks… if anyone has any favorite recipes (that don’t involve dairy or wheat, especially) with any of this stuff, please pass them my way!


One Response to “Organic Bonanza”

  1. santoki Says:

    Oh, how I envy your bonanza! We’ve got nothing of the sort this time of year. You know me and the recipes, though there are a tons of things that you might do with all that goodness.

    When life gives you purple basil, make purple pesto! Instead of cheese, try nutritional yeast. Freezes wonderfully, and is great on everything. Also, if you throw it in some vinegar for a week, makes a really beautiful pink and basil-y vinegar.

    Are beetroots the same as beets? I just peel them and eat them. They are beautiful in a salad, and would probably go well with the basil vinegar and dandelion greens. Though, are your greens too bitter? I love bitter greens, but might be a little overwhelming on their own.

    Leeks! They are the best! You could probably rock a white bean and leek concoction that would be amazing.

    Have fun with your bounty! xoxox

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