Chile Revisited

Just finished posting pictures from my trip to Chile back in March, and it brought back lots of pleasant memories. My time in Valparaíso was basically a re-creation of my visit there 3 1/2 years earlier, and I’d love to do it yet again. Wandering around taking pictures left me with some serious déjà vu a couple times, and I even ran into some of the (now much-faded) graffiti/art I took pictures of last time. The woman who runs the hostel where I stayed tried to convince me to go somewhere else (I realized that when you’re staying somewhere “nice” they assume you want nicer restaurants, etc.), but I went back to the same market for a seafood lunch (though I tried a different restaurant this time) and it was just as good as I remembered.

My relaxation time at the beach was also incredible. It’s been a long time since I was really on “vacation,” as opposed to traveling to see things, or running around visiting people, and it was great – I didn’t even get bored as I sometimes do when there’s “nothing” to do. Maybe I’m finally learning to slow down and appreciate those rare moments of solitude and beauty.


One Response to “Chile Revisited”

  1. rebecca Says:

    sounds fabulous. can’t wait to scroll through all those photos!

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