Apologies for the radio silence. Suffice to say I’ve been dealing with some health problems the last few months, and it kind of took over my life for a while. But it wasn’t anything serious – as in, life-threatening – and I am slowly, thankfully on the mend.

On top of all the doctors visits and trips to the pharmacy, I’ve been busy finishing up some work and PACKING for a trip! First time on a plane in over a year – wow – I can’t remember the last time I didn’t fly for a whole year! And it’s my first time back to the States in over a year. That is also a first! It feels exciting and overwhelming and all kinds of things rolled into one. And it will be really strange to go from a week of temperatures in the 30s to temps in the 90s! Thankfully it’s a little more mild today, so hopefully my system won’t freak out too much with the change in seasons. First stop is Florida, then a road trip with Grandma.

To answer a few anticipated FAQs:
This will be only an East Coast trip. And I can’t promise I’ll get to see everyone!
This is only a trip. I am keeping my apartment in BA and will be back here in July.

I am hoping to take a computer vacation for most of the next week. After that, I suppose I’ll return to somewhat more regular blogging. We’ll see!

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