Fall Has Fallen

Fall has hit Buenos Aires with a vengeance. As if the plummeting temperatures weren’t sign enough, yesterday the wind whipped a crispy yellow leaf off a tree and smack into my forehead, forcing my non-coat-wearing, shivering (and slightly hungover) self to finally admit summer is over. Time to break out the sweaters and start cooking up some soup! And time to fire up the heater, but we can’t get the pilot light lit. If only the fix-it guy would show up when he says he will. In the meantime, I’m shivering inside as well.

Weather.com claims that it’s 59 degrees out at 3 p.m., but I don’t believe it for a second. It also says it will be 42 degrees overnight, which unfortunately I do believe. Thank goodness there’s a hearty lentil stew handy, cooked up by one of my roommates.

Yes, I said roommates. Plural, even. After 9 (great) months of living alone, I’ve reentered the world of communal living, but in the best way. I have two roommates (one from England, one from Puerto Rico) and we share the kitchen (and occasionally the living room, where I’m hanging out today since my heater isn’t working yet). My room is separate – outside through the patio, up the stairs, and across the terrace – and is huge, divided into living and bedroom areas. And I have my own bathroom. So I get the savings and community of living with other people (we have been sharing a lot of meals), but the privacy and quiet of living by myself. Perfect!

My camera is on the fritz, but I’m working on getting some pictures together. Soon.


4 Responses to “Fall Has Fallen”

  1. rebecca Says:

    i wondered about the weather there. it’s still warmer than here. we’ve got a dreadful cold spell. but it should reach the 60s tomorrow. your new place sounds great. how fabulous to have your own bathroom. can’t wait to see photos once you get your camera working again.

  2. Dad Says:

    Your camera is on the fritz, but is mine still OK?

  3. Emily Says:

    Where is this new place? I need details!

  4. missmobtown Says:

    I just packed up my sweaters and pulled out all the summer things. I think it was 85 last weekend — I actually wore a skirt all day.

    Your new pad sounds perfect. Can’t wait to see pix!

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