Sun and Seafood

I’m exhausted from the epic journey back (note to self: try to avoid overnight border crossings that mean you have to wait out in the cold at a mountain pass at 2 am!), but I still feel rejuvenated by my short vacation in Chile. Since seafood isn’t very prevalent in Argentina, I made a point of eating it as often as possible in Chile—ceviche (twice), chupe de mariscos, grilled fish practically right off the boat, shrimp and cheese empanadas, and more. I wandered the streets of my dear Valparaíso, met some cool Couchsurfers and ate some terrific Peruvian (sea)food in Santiago, and spent several very tranquilo days on the coast—reading, strolling down a nearly deserted beach, napping in a hammock, playing cards, talking around an evening bonfire, and stargazing before bed.

Now it’s back to the grind—finishing up some work, packing up my apartment and taking care of errands in town, and a string of last hurrahs and a goodbye party before my bus back to Buenos Aires Tuesday night. (All the buses were booked for Monday—after all these years of reading about how big a deal Semana Santa—holy week—is in Latin America, I’m finally seeing it firsthand, and it’s really bad timing!).

Next week I’ll get pictures up, not just from Chile but from a winery day trip and the big final-night show of Vendimia (Mendoza’s harvest festival, which wrapped up last week).

2 Responses to “Sun and Seafood”

  1. sheri Says:

    hi there. i do keep following along. your life seems very serene and surreal to me from here. and the simple word “hammock” is burning me deeply with envy.

  2. missmobtown Says:

    sounds wonderful! especially the part about the shrimp empanadas.

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