Subconscious Post

In the midst of trying to decide what to do next—upload photos to Flickr, write a blog post, send an email, call my brother, get back to the spreadsheet I’m working on to track my work, etc.—my mouse clicked on over to the bookmark for this here blog, without my even thinking about it. That darn subconscious knows my readers are hungry for news, I guess!

Number one news item: I have Internet. In my apartment. It was finally installed and connected on Monday. I’m sitting at my “desk” to write this. Here, you even get a picture:


The table’s considerably messier at the moment, and my current couchsurfer’s backpack is in the corner by the window, but you get the idea. I’ll upload more pictures soon.

In other “news,” I’m on Day 3 of a 13-day summer cleanse. You ease off “normal” food at the beginning and ease back on at the end, so here on Day 3 I’ve given up alcohol, caffeine, meat, seafood, eggs, dairy, bread, starches, and grains. Which leaves, basically, fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts! I’ll be eating some combination of those things (or less, one day is only fruit) for the next week, then slowly start to add foods back in. So far I feel pretty good, with a decent amount of energy and no serious hunger pangs. I’ve even started getting up earlier, which is quite an accomplishment (though not saying much; we’re talking 9 am instead of, oh, 10:30. I’ve been pretty low-energy here!).

I’m having fun in Mendoza, though haven’t done a lot of the available activities yet. I’ve been wine-tasting (once officially, I’ve also done plenty at home!), and went paragliding last week, which was fabulous yet again. I didn’t make it to Gualeguaychu for Carnival; it was just too complicated. But I’ve just seen some pictures and it looks incredible! If I’m here next year, I will definitely try to get there (it’s only 3 hours from BA, but at least 15 from here!). I am hoping to head out for an overnight trip to the mountains in the next few days with some other Couchsurfers, and maybe go horseback riding there.

I’ve hosted a lot of Couchsurfers here—more than I did in BA in the whole time I was there—and have enjoyed them all. Here’s a pic of the solid crew (four people who live here, including me, and four surfers) we had here for a few days (I only hosted two of them):


As my friend Juan (in orange above) pointed out, “I’m meeting so many great people. The bad thing is that they keep leaving.”


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