Catching Up

I’ve been admonished for not posting here more often… and I will try to do a better job, but the fact remains that until I have Internet in my apartment, my (limited) time online is usually focused on other things. But it’s Sunday afternoon, I’ve finished my work for the day, and I have nothing else to do but drink a beer, write this post, and wait to hear from a friend about what’s going on tonight.

So first of all, lesson learned: I cannot move into an apartment, sign a contract, or pay any money until I confirm that there is working Internet, already installed. The agent and landlord are off the hook this time, since it’s the Internet company that told me directly they’d install it that same week I visited the office; I’ve been back twice since to complain, and was finally given a straight answer (I think!) on Friday: I shouldn’t have been told it could be installed so quickly, and with the added complication of major storms in the last week, there’s a major backlog, so it will be up to 10 more working days. UGH. I’m realizing I probably should have just sucked it up and taken one of the much-cheaper rooms in a house that already had Internet.

What else? I miss Buenos Aires, but I like Mendoza. It’s definitely mellower, with a serious siesta-time every afternoon, a main plaza that’s a gathering point for everyone in town, and one street where most of the bars are concentrated (not too far from me, conveniently!). I’ve made some friends through Couchsurfing, as usual, and have even seen some familiar faces from Buenos Aires pass through town, with more on the way. I am hoping to get up into the mountains sometime soon—there are a lot of activities to do around here—trekking, horseback-riding, kayaking, rafting, etc. etc. Not to mention paragliding, which I definitely need to do again. There’s even a 10-day instruction course offered… I’d love to do it, but need to find out how much it costs and how many hours it requires. I’m also thinking about trying to get to Gualeguaychu, one of the best spots in Argentina for Carnival, next weekend to join the BA couchsurfers who will be camping there, but unfortunately the damn Internet situation complicates matters—I really don’t feel I can leave town and risk missing my window for installation, if it hasn’t happened by then.

So my apartment contract is until March 24. I don’t think I’ll be staying in Mendoza beyond then, but I have to figure out what’s next—if I’ll just hightail it back to BA, or try to check out some other part of Argentina on the way, or what. So many options!


2 Responses to “Catching Up”

  1. santoki Says:

    there? their. Love you and miss you more!

  2. Dale Says:

    Hi Amy!

    It’s fun to hear about Mendoza and your adventures getting an internet connection. I really want to get back there as soon as I get a chance. (And hopefully during summer next time!)

    Where are you headed next?


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