Random thought for the day: Argentines love Erasure, especially the song “Oh L’Amour,” which I hear practically every day. A remix version is on the radio right now in the café where I’m working, and I’ve probably heard it at every nightclub I’ve been to in this country. My friend Claudio said in the early ’90s they were huge here. And then he started singing “A Little Respect.” I love Erasure too, but there’s no accounting for taste: Argentines also love the Shania Twain song “Man, I Feel Like a Woman”—I’ve heard this played in “hip” bars and everyone sings along—and the next song on the radio as I type this is OMC’s “How Bizarre.” Indeed.


One Response to “Erasure”

  1. missmobtown Says:

    All that red meat must somehow interfere with and corrupt music pleasure receptors in the brain… shania twain… *shudder*

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