I’ve been composing lots of blog posts in my head, and even jotting down notes, but they haven’t made it online yet! For now, I’ll just say that I’m enjoying the view from my new apartment, which is on the 11th floor with views to the south (where many of the wineries are) and to the west (where I can see the foothills of the Andes from my bed!). There’s been quite a bit of rain, and a few serious thunderstorms, since I arrived, kind of surprising for the desert, but okay with me. I love watching the clouds roll in, like I could from my apartments in San Francisco, but we never got the lightning, the thunder, the rain—what a show! I was up at the window at 5 am today, mesmerized, though trying not to wake up all the way! Not to mention the sunsets. I have a feeling I will end up with a lot of sunset pictures in the next two months! (Apartment pictures online soon, I promise.)

As I titled this post (tormenta means storm) I realized that’s also the title of the CD I bought the other day—how fitting! I went to see a cool local group called Altertango, with an amazing singer (why do the strongest voices often come out of the smallest people!?), funky rockin’ female pianist, a bandoneonista (a must), drums (called batería in Spanish, I love that), and bass (bajo). They play an intriguing mix of tango, rock, jazz, and whatever they feel like, and I was drawn in immediately. I think they are a regular fixture at a place called Soul Cafe (when my friend told me about it I assumed it was Sol Cafe—like sun—and was so surprised to see the sign!) so I’ll probably see them again.


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