Blame the Visitors

I know I haven’t been posting much… just been having too much fun with all my visitors in the last month—first Catherine and Daniel from SF, and now my brother, Aaron, and his girlfriend, TJ, from Portland. TJ leaves today but Aaron will be here until 12/31, and we’ll be joined by my parents on the 23rd. They arrived in Argentina yesterday—we made an early-morning trip to the airport to greet them (and pick up the many goodies they brought me) before they headed off to Chilean Patagonia for the week.

It’s also been a month of goodbyes, with lots of people I know headed home for the holidays or continuing their travels and that sort of thing—not to mention saying goodbye to the visitors! But visitors and friends leaving town make for lots of excuses to get together and have fun, so it’s been a good month overall. Lots of fantastic meals out, lots of drinks, four weekends in a row taking short, great vacations to the province and the nearby town of Tigre and the surrounding delta… A little sightseeing, some shopping, and lots of wandering. Plenty of laughter and a few farewell tears.

Thanks everyone, and I’ll have pictures posted soon(ish)!


One Response to “Blame the Visitors”

  1. santoki Says:

    I know for certain that you can’t put any blame on your visitors, you slacker! Give your family a big smooch for me! xxc

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