365 Days to Go!

I have just 365 days left—until October 2, 2008—to finish my 101 things in 1,001 days list. I have been marking things off and updating the list, but until today hadn’t counted how many I’ve actually completed, and am a little discouraged to find out just 21 of my 101 are completed! I just went through and did a little color-coding, so now I can easily tell that 16 items are in progress. There are 12 things I probably won’t do while I’m living abroad, so at this point I have no idea if that means they will or won’t be completed within the next year. There are only 10 things that I’m willing to say probably won’t happen at all, which isn’t too bad. If I made it to next October with only 10% incomplete I’d be pretty impressed!

Here are some of the things I am confident I will do soon (by the end of the year, say):
3. Rent a cabin in the woods/by a body of water for at least a week
27. Host a brunch party
64. Spend a whole day reading
71. Buy five CDs of artists that are new to me (just two to go)
75. Attend live dance performance
76. Try a more visual, artistic way of journaling for as long as it takes to fill one journal (inching towards the back of the book…)
81. Take at least one semester of Spanish (started in mid-September, so to the end of December seems semester-like)
98. Spend a day at a spa

On a completely unrelated note, this is pretty awesome.


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