It’s front-page news today, 9 de Julio, Argentine independence day: snow in Buenos Aires for the first time since June 1918. It’s been going since mid-morning or so and is expected to continue most of the night. I spent the day bundled up wandering around a gaucho museum in San Antonio de Areco, a historic city out in the province where pretty much everything was canceled because of the weather, but we also found a great place to hang out, eating great food and enjoying music, dancing, and everyone running out to get their picture taken in the snow. Brian took this cool one of me through the window:


And this is from the road on the way home. We also saw lots of people pulled over on the side for impromptu snowball fights and building snowmen on top of cars.


More on all that later; for now it’s back to work after a three-day break.


4 Responses to “Snow!”

  1. santoki Says:

    Snow is like pudding. It never really reaches its full potential unless thrown at someone!






  2. santoki Says:

    preemptive strikes are never the thing.


    much love!

  3. rebecca Says:

    no way! snow and gauchos? was the museum about the people who wore gauchos or the pants themselves? or something entirely different altogether? and yes, happy birthday! i hope you have a special day and celebrate by eating a delicious meal–and then writing about it later, here! and that you’re surrounded by new friends who make you feel like you’re at home.

  4. Amy Says:

    It was a museum about the gaucho (cowboy) culture, with lots of spurs, saddles, ponchos, etc., and a large section on Ricardo Güiraldes, a writer who created gauchesco literature (writing about gauchos by non-gauchos).

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