Pancha 24 hs.

After searching valiantly for a proper bar that wasn’t too expensive nor empty, tonight around 11:30 an Aussie friend and I stumbled upon a place that’s open 24 hours, where you stand at the white formica counter and drink a beer, eat a hot dog… A few hours before it had been packed with guys standing around watching the football (soccer) game, but we hadn’t given it much thought except to peek in to catch the score. If I hadn’t already had way too much gnocchi an hour before I totally would’ve gone for one of the AR$1.75 superpancho hot dogs—not for the dog so much as all these amazing-looking homemade (I think) sauces that you could load it up with. But for tonight we just split a big bottle of Brahma Chopp (Brazilian beer) and watched some strange dance competition game show on TV and talked about strange travelers we’ve encountered around the world. Then I ran to catch the bus, crowded with people at 12:15. Gotta love this city.


3 Responses to “Pancha 24 hs.”

  1. santoki Says:

    I know that the wine tastings have been moving right along, but what of the Argentinian beers? Any tasty ones? xox

  2. Amy Says:

    The beer is better than I remembered, or maybe I didn’t remember because I’d had too much of it last time. ;) Or it could be because I’ve heard Brazilian beer giant Brahma bought Quilmes and changed all the formulas (supposedly to get ppl to drink Brahma instead?). There are a few local brews that are pretty good, especially Quilmes Bock—probably my beer of choice from the cheaper options available, or Iguana—both running about 8-10 pesos for a liter bottle at a bar, and less than 3 pesos at the grocery store. Some have German names but I think they are brewed here—like Schneider (had the negra the other day—the darkest beer I’ve had in ages, but it was pretty good once I got used to it) and Isenbeck. There are a few “artisan” beers from Patagonia that are quite good but much pricier, and I’ve found two places that serve IPA (one’s brewed onsite at the brewpub, the other’s origin is a mystery), good for a splurge now and then.
    I tend to drink beer when I go out and drink wine at home. There are quite a few whiskeys sold here but they are generally a lot more expensive than beer and I don’t know which of the cheap ones are palatable. Will start investigating that next. I do know there is no Makers Mark here, but plenty of Jamesons, and sometimes Jim Beam or Jack Daniels.

  3. santoki Says:

    When I make it down there, we are going to have to eat and drink our way through BA. And not for nothing, but do you really want to sample the cheap whiskeys? Slippery slope, my friend. Slippery slope… Xp

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