My City by the Bay

The past week in San Francisco has been wonderful. Over a year has passed since I drove out of town last April, headed east, and I’ve really missed the city (and the people who live here). It truly is like no other,  and is the place I’ve lived the longest thus far in my life. It feels familiar, although some things have changed and there are still plenty of corners of the city that are new to me. Being able to see good friends multiple times—for dinner, for drinks, for an afternoon walk, for brunch—is a precious luxury. Yet walking around my old neighborhood the other day, something felt different. I felt different. I’m still struggling to put my finger on what shift has occurred, what led to a kind of melancholy while the fog swirled around my head. Am I not the same person who left here in 2004, hopping on a plane to travel the world? Was I crazy to give it all up? Is it disappointing to feel like I can’t afford to live here anymore? Am I worried I’ll never find another place that feels so comfortable, so much like home? It’s occurred to me this week that I needn’t concern myself with finding “home.” It’ll present itself. And it turns out that #31 on The List isn’t “find a new home” but “find a place to live.” That I can do.


3 Responses to “My City by the Bay”

  1. Dad Says:

    I loved this post. Home can, at times, be elusive. I too believe it will present itself. Hang in there.

  2. rebecca Says:

    hurray! another one to mark off your list.

  3. Gaby Says:

    I ‘ve read that you are planning to travel to Buenos Aires. If you need information about yarn stores or something, feel free to contact me :)

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