Cool Tool

If you use Mozilla Firefox as your Web browser, you probably already know about all the cool add-ons and extensions available. I just found one by accident that’s really cool—FoxClocks. It will add to your status bar the current time in any cities you choose, and you can even have the color change during certain hours. I set mine up to include Buenos Aires, US Eastern, and US Pacific. The latter two will show in green between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., so I know at a glance whether my clients are (in theory) at work (not to mention whether my friends are likely to be on instant messenger, etc.). Brilliant! Check it out if you have friends/family in different time zones anywhere in the world (ahem, I think you’ll know at least one in the near future). Has anyone else come across cool add-ons?


2 Responses to “Cool Tool”

  1. rebecca Says:

    that’s neat. i don’t know any other great firefox tricks. but, one of my librarian colleagues recently gave a presentation called pimp my firefox, so you might check that out to see if any of her tips are helpful:

  2. Amy Says:

    Cool, thanks for the link!

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