Must… Focus…

I’m getting close to booking my tickets for Buenos Aires, and have started making some good contacts down there, and it’s pretty darn exciting. I have so many ideas and questions and dreams and things to do right now I can hardly concentrate on anything else. Focusing on my editorial projects is a challenge, as my mind is constantly wandering in a million directions. I go online—again—to check out the apartment listings on craigslist, log on to couchsurfing to join the Buenos Aires group, get up to look for my passport and make sure it’s current, check my budget again to see how much money I’ll have saved… It feels practically all-consuming right now. Thankfully it’s all focused on just one destination, unlike the multitude of places I obsessed over while getting ready for my RTW trip!


2 Responses to “Must… Focus…”

  1. santoki Says:

    Woo wee! I’m getting pumped just hearing about it! You can tell by my overuse of exclamation marks! I have been humming “What’s new, Buenos Aires?” from Evita all morning. Now I know why! With that said, get back to work you slacker.

  2. bekka Says:

    wow! i’m so thrilled for you that this dream is coming true so soon. i can’t wait to learn more about BA and Argentina. i know absolutely nothing. what are you reading about BA? fiction? non-fiction?

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