Brotherly Love

So much for having the whole family on the same coast… A few weeks ago, my brother hauled a bunch of bags and boxes on a plane and moved to Portland, Oregon. A week later, I loaded up a friend’s car with bags and boxes and moved to Philadelphia! I found a furnished room, no lease required, in a great house with two roommates near the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It’s a great neighborhood, a cozy room (and I mean “cozy” in the craigslist way, as in “small,” though it is actually cozy as well), and I’m happy to be back in a city again. It’s tough to do much exploring when I have no money and tons of work to do (at the moment), but I’ll get around to it in time. Yes, the Argentina plan is still in the works, but will likely be slowed a bit by that whole paying rent thing. It’s also likely a second job will be required if I ever hope to leave the country (or the East Coast!) again.


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